PRIVACY POLICY will only collect the information absolutely necessary to provide the services or deliver the products offered on this website.

Effective as of 17 November 2020

To keep your information safe is our highest priority. We will make any reasonable effort alongside with our service providers (see below) to keep your information safe. We will never ask for information for any other purpose than to deliver the services you request or improving this website. We use well known and dependable third-party services (data processors) on this website. Examples of such providers are Google Analytics (to gather anonymous data to improve the website), Google G-suite (e-mail and forms) and Klarna/PayPal (payment processing). Depending on how you interact (browsing, filling out a form, placing an order or contacting the website) the absolute minimum amount of information will be kept to deliver the service you request. Your information will be stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy and those of the below-listed service providers.

Should you wish a copy of data collected about you kindly contact info To keep your data safe we will require you to confirm your identity in case of such request.

Who Am I?

Henry Arvidsson Photography provides photographic services and sells unique photographic works.
Company registered at Skatteverket, SE610913213101
Registration name: Henry Arvidsson Photography

Name: Henry Arvidsson

Address: Hobjersvägen 1, 27178 Löderup, Sweden

Phone: +46707730965

Who is your data shared with?

When you first arrive at the site you will be shown a banner which asks for your consent to continue on to the site. Without your acceptance no information will be stored and you will not be able to enter the site. Should you enter the site (which you have done as you are reading this) the data collected can divided into these areas:


This site uses Google Analytics tracking cookies to collect anonymous (no names, no IP addresses or other identifiers) information about how clients interact with this website – for example is it a first time or returning visitor (we hope to attract new and repeat visitors alike), which country they are visiting from (we offer services throughout the world) and how much time they spend on the site (we hope a lot). This anonymous information will help us improve the site and is stored by Google according to their privacy policy.

Email/Booking Request/Contact Forms

We use Google G Suite as our e-mail provider and Google Forms to process inquiries and requests. Our forms only require information necessary to deliver services requested by our clients. Without information such as desired location, date, time and contact information we cannot reply to requests or deliver our services. The information entered will be maintained to improve on our services.

Newsletters and promotions

If you sign up for our newsletter or have become a client you will be sent an automated Opt-In from our provider Mailchimp. To receive the newsletter you must reply to the confirmation e-mail (we hate spammers and bots as much as you do). Without your explicit consent, no newsletter will be sent to you. We will only ask for your name and an e-mail address at signup. We use Mailchimp as our newsletter provider and your information will be stored in accordance with their privacy policy (see link below). You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and your information will then be deleted.

Photography business

As you know is in the photography business and as such makes pictures of people. A photograph may be considered personal information, however not necessary solely in its own right. In short just a face in the crowd does not tell anyone who the person is.
If you request photographic services from us we will need your contact information to schedule the photo shoot before we can make the picture. Together that information will identify who you are. We will only request information needed to deliver the requested service. We use PayPal as a payment provider and they adhere to their own privacy policy (see link below). They will inform us when payments are completed, we will never see your bank information. If you are invoiced we will receive the same information as any other business you deal with. like any other company needs to promote its services and as the service is photography images are used in promotions. Clients opting out of our promotional use of their images may be charged a surcharge. The amount will be clearly stated in the contract and on the website.

Should a client in retrospect wish to have this or any other website operated by us such request must be made in writing (e-mail) using the e-mail address listed on the contact page. Costs incurred by related to such retroactive request (including but not exclusively related to website changes, changes to / or destruction of promotional material and incurred labor costs) will be passed on to the client and must be paid before any removal will take place.


To deliver any purchases made from clients must provide contact and shipping information in order to deliver the product. Payment confirmation will be made through our payment providers and we will never ask for nor need your bank or credit card information.

Right to be forgotten

At any time you can request a copy of the information we hold about you. We will make every effort to respond to such an inquiry; however, it will also depend on the response of our service providers.

You also have the right to request that we delete your information. We will naturally do so unless we need to retain information for tax or other by law required purposes.

Please send any inquiry to You may be required to prove your identity before any information is provided.

Third Party Services

The following third party service providers are used on this website with links to their privacy policies:
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Google Analytics: This information is anonymous and does not collect any personal information but only

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